Southland Maple Beech
Wall and Ceiling Lining

FSC Certified, Sustainable New Zealand Native Timber

Wall and Ceiling Lining

Southland Maple Beech, also known as New Zealand Silver Beech, is Timberlines interior feature timber of choice. Southland Maple Beech is New Zealand’s only FSC certified, sustainable native timber. Its beauty is intertwined with the history of New Zealand’s landless natives and is a source of architectural inspiration for projects wishing to claim authenticity and create culturally sensitive, iconic residential and commercial buildings.

Southland Maple Beech is a dimensionally stable timber that machines well. A high-quality finish is achievable with minimal sanding. As a result, Southland Maple Beech takes stain, paint, polish and glue, incredibly well. Southland Maple Beech is not treated with any chemical preservatives hence is considered environmentally safe. Southland Maple Beech falls under the general classification of a medium density hardwood. Uniformity of density within and between logs is an outstanding feature of the resource.

The species is well suited, and widely used, in interior wall and ceiling lining applications. It is available in a variety of different profiles and sizes to suit everything from contemporary designs to rustic designs.

Southland Maple Beech Koru Wall lining is a contemporary, stylish wall lining profile for residential and commercial lining applications. The Koru profile has a distinctive negative detail and is intended for installation in a vertical application however it can also be used in horizontal applications.

Southland Maple Beech Rustic Wall Panelling is the perfect solution for creating ambience in an interior environment. The rustic grade is a fantastic utilisation of the ‘whole of tree’ ensuring it is one of the most economic and visually appealing wall and ceiling panelling solutions available on the market.

Southland Maple Beech Ceiling Lining is available in a wide range of widths and thicknesses offering the versatility to achieve numerous designs. Southland Maple Beech Ceiling Lining can be supplied and installed in traditional T&G profiles, as battens or as sawn/ textured boards depending on the desired look and project requirements. Installation can be by way of hidden fixings or face fixings.

In all cases, profiles, sizes and finishes can be customised to suit individual product requirements.