Grades regularly used as finishing timbers

The selection of the right timber grade for each application is very important and can have a big effect on the final appearance of the project.

When it comes to specialty finishing timber there are two main grades that are regularly used, Clears Grade and Dressing Grade.

We also have several other grades available for an even more rustic or homely finish.


The Clears Grade name speaks for itself. It means the lengths of timber are clear from defects, such as knots, burrs and other characteristics of the tree. Clears Grade is available in most timber species and is sometimes specified as Dressing A [DA], Select or Prime Grade.


The Dressing Grade, while still a high-quality board, does allow knots and other such defects which are sound and tight. Most species are available in this more rustic look which is also known as Select Appearance or Select Tight Knot.

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