Thermory Ash Timber Cladding

Natural beauty that’s built to last

By combining sustainability, function, and beauty in our thermally modified wood products, Thermory’s forward-thinking design gives you unparalleled appeal and durability.


Every fibre of the board is naturally enhanced with just heat and steam.


Rot-resistance that few products, exotic or chemically engineered, come close to equalling.


Our timber cladding offer significantly reduced absorbency.


Timber Cladding

“Unique, Beautiful, Durable & Stable Alternative
to Cedar Cladding”

Thermory Ash is a White Ash procured from North America and Europe forests, that has been thermally modified. As a result, the timber cladding has a very rich chocolate brown colour throughout the full thickness of the timber, which naturally ages to a platinum grey. The original colour and tone can be preserved with UV protectant oil, or alternatively stained darker with a tinted oil.

Thermory Brochure

The Thermory collection offers natural thermally modified timber solutions for external timber cladding. Thermory thermally modified timber cladding is unique and beautiful in grain and colour, with profiles to suit the NZ building code. All Thermory timber is sourced from well managed American and European forests, that take care of forest responsibility and sustainability.

The Thermory intense modification process increases the dimensional stability and the durability of the timber as well as bringing out the beauty of the natural grain. During the modification process, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber to improve some of the timber’s basic characteristics. The timber has a lower equilibrium moisture content, which means that the timber dimensional stability has increased, and the timber is less likely going to warp, bow, cup, twist or shrink. Thermal modification also increases the durability of the timber making the timber achieve the highest possible durability of natural timber. Thermory Ash Timber Cladding has Durability Class1. The thermal modification process uses only heat and steam (no Chemicals) and thermal modification kilns to complete the process. Thermory Ash is produced at 215 degrees Celsius in a special computer-controlled kiln. The resulting product is more durable and stable making it the ideal solution for external cladding where the timber is used in exposed areas.