Southland Maple Beech Flooring

Southland Maple Beech Flooring is New Zealand’s only FSC certified, sustainable native timber flooring. Its beauty is intertwined with the history of New Zealand’s landless natives and is a source of architectural inspiration for projects wishing to claim authenticity and create culturally sensitive, iconic residential and commercial buildings. Our solid native timber flooring is available in sizes on 90×19, 135×19 and 190×19. Typically our flooring is supplied in either a Clean Grade (Dressing A Grade) or a Rustic Grade (Select Grade).

Southland Maple Beech Flooring is compliant with AS/NZ 4586 slip resistance standards and is available with different surface finishes to suit individual project requirements including a traditional smooth surface and a textured barn floor surface.

Timberline is able to provide coating solutions tailored to specific project requirements.