Southland Cherry Beech
Wall and Ceiling Lining

FSC Certified, Sustainable New Zealand Native Timber

Wall and Ceiling Lining

As the name suggests this is a very attractive pink to red coloured timber and is the same botanical species as Maple Beech. This material is carefully selected, steamed under a pressure vacuum and then kiln-dried. This process highlights the attractive grain and enhances the colour of the species and ensures good stability in the end product. The steaming process provides an attractive alternative to Southland Maple Beech and is a desirable solution in projects seeking a deeper red colour.

The Southland Cherry Beech is available in the same profiles and sizes as the Southland Maple Beech and is best suited to wall lining and ceiling lining applications.

Various surface finishes can be applied to the Southland Cherry Beech to achieve smooth, textured, sawn or wire-brushed features.